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Our People

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Experienced team from top tier institutions across real estate and finance sectors.

Exceptional diversity of skillsets, expertise, nationalities and background.

Proven in performing through both up and down cycles.

Expertise across both liquid and illiquid assets and securities.

Best-in-class compliance, risk, legal and conflict management.


Debt Investment Managment

Special Situations
Project Ivy

since 2013

New lending: hybrid and structured credit

Our approach

Strategy: Rivercrown originated an off market opportunity to acquire a defaulted loan alongside its partner. Underwritten to 12 months to maximise value.

Risks: Borrower delaying the sale and consequential enforcement process.

Mitigants: Well known sponsor likely to cooperate given other similar investments. Consensual.

Secondary Loans
Project Hieronymus
Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

since 2012

Secondary: acquisition of loans,

SPLs and NPLs

Our approach

Strategy: Reaching consensual agreements with borrowers to sell assets.

Risks: Uncooperative and/or litigious borrowers.

Mitigants: 77% by face value has been consensually restructured with respective borrowers, while 10% is being enforced upon.

Credit Opportunities
Project Seal

since 2013

New lending: hybrid and sturctured credit

Our approach

Strategy: Rivercrown originated an opportunity to finance four significant re-development opportunites.

Risks: Failure to obtain planning consent.

Mitigants: Credible and experienced sponsor which has successfully developed similar schemes update; all sites in preliminary planning stages.

Equity Investment Management

Single Assets, Portfolios
Project Amelia

since 2012

Acquisition of individual assets and portfolios

Our approach

Strategy: Asset management with sell-down.

Risks: Tenant-related, capex/ maintenance related and market risks.


Mitigants: Well known sponsor likely to cooperate given other similar investments. Consensual.

Special Situations
Project Navigator

since 2015

REOs and buyouts of listed companies, funds and REITs

Our approach

Strategy: Disposition and enhancement of assets, development of land plot.

Risks: Market liquidity, planning and license risks.

Mitigants: Disposition of assets in illiquid markets underway and in negotiations with portuguese municipalities.


Financial & Capital Markets Advisory

Asset & Loan Management
Project Vegaluna

since 2004

Management of performing and non-performing assets and loans

Our approach

Strategy: Wind-down the portfolio without crystallising losses.

Risks: Subdued lending market hinder refinancing of loans with LTVs >60%.

Mitigants: Co-operate with borrowers to position for refinancing. 


Rivercrown Head Office

52 Conduit Street
London W1S 2YX
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7629 6634

Rivercrown Spain Office

Calle Goya 6, 3º izquierda
Madrid 28001

+34 627 25 54 93

Rivercrown Portugal Office
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo
14 - 6º - 1050-121 Lisboa
+351 213 021 763


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Rivercrown Finance Limited is a registered company in England and Wales with registered number 09077487 and registered office at 4th Floor, 52 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YX. Rivercrown Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Rivercrown Management Limited is an Appointed Representative of Rivercrown Finance Limited.

Directors: Jacob Lyons, Stephen Benson and Gilad Tal.