Founded in 1993, Refundos SGOIC S.A. (“Refundos”) is a real estate asset, investment and fund manager.

Refundos’ principal activity is the management of Maxirent Fundo De Investimento Imobiliario Fechado (“Maxirent”), a closed-end real estate investment fund listed on Euronext, Lisbon (ticker: UMXR).

Since its establishment and in its role as investment manager of Maxirent, Refundos has been responsible for the acquisition and disposal of more than 50 assets.

Investors in Maxirent – and implicitly clients of Refundos – have historically included a mix of top-tier institutions including banks, pension funds and insurance companies, as well as retail investors.

In addition to its Maxirent-related activities, Refundos also advises a number of real estate strategies at asset-level, institutional investors (third-parties) in relation to the structuring, execution and management of their assets and broader investment programs in Portugal.


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