Founded in 2004 and privately held, Rivercrown is focused on creating positive economic outcomes and generating long-term value for its investors and clients.
We feel that the best way to do this is by relentlessly focusing on our reputation in the various areas and countries in which we operate, as well as hiring and cultivating extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds.

2004 to 2007

Established and laid the foundations of Rivercrown in early 2004.


Established an investment management business alongside Deutsche Bank.

2007 to 2012

Advised lenders on restructuring, and management.

Successful in the recovery of more than €12 billion of value for lenders.

2012 to 2014

Adapted expertise forged in the crisis to acquiring distressed assets and loans.

Operating partner and co-investor alongside top tier private equity firms.

2014 to 2020

Further evolution into truly pan-European, full-service business, including principal investment.


Won and deployed separate account and discretionary investment mandates.

Overview of Activities

Tall Buildings
Principle Investment Division
Debt Investment Management
Equity Investment Management
Financial and Capital Markets Advisory


Rivercrown Finance Limited

52 Conduit Street
London W1S 2YX
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7629 6634

Rivercrown Management S.L.U.

Calle Goya 6, 3º izquierda
Madrid 28001

+34 627 25 54 93

Rivercrown Management Unipessoal Lda
Refundos SGF
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo
14 - 6º - 1050-121 Lisboa
+351 213 021 763


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